Sunday, 8 January 2017

Review: 3INA Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600 (Gold)

Review: 3INA Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600 (Gold)
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
I made the great decision to walk into the 3INA store in Covent Garden whilst I was Christmas shopping last month, a time when you're supposed to be buying presents for other people. I'd never been in the store before so I went in out of curiousity. There was no-one else inside so I had the undivided attention of a sales assistant. She was really informative and helpful, and once we bonded over dark lipstick there was no escape. I walked out with 3 3INA products to try (and review of course) so here's the first of them.

I've been wanting a gold lip product to layer over my reds for a while so I picked up the Ulti-Matte Lipstick in 600.

The product: A matte, metallic lipstick 
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
The packaging: Plastic with a twist top. You're all reminded of 3CE too, right? I know it's what's inside that counts, and I absolutely love minimal black and white packaging, but I'm starting to wish a new brand will launch with completely different packaging to everything else out there.

The pigmentation: Sadly it's not as pigmented as I hoped. I tried swatching it on my hand but it was hard to get the colour to show up well on camera. If you're after a subtle gold shine on your lips then this is perfect but if you want something that stands out more you have to layer a lot.
3ina ulti-matte lipstick
The application: Inside the lid is the product, and you push the brush into it to get the product out. It has a pointed sponge which I guess works for it.

The colour: Gold. 3ina also do a red and burgundy.
The road test: I wore it over a red lipstick. I put on quite a lot to get it to show up on camera and it still looks really faint! It is more noticeable in real life but I was looking forward to taking photos of my gold lips. It also fades throughout the day and doesn't stand up too well against food sadly.

Overall: It's a gorgeous colour but the pigmentation lets it down. I'm gonna continue my search for an in-your-face gold but if you only want something subtle, 3ina's Ulti-Matte might suit you just fine.

Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 Favourites

So 2016 was a bit of a shit show. I can't wait to put it all behind us and bring on 2017. My standards have been set pretty low for next year so it's bound to be a good one. Anyway, despite this year's disappointments, there were some awesome things that happened. Here's a list of favourites so we can finish off the year talking about the good stuff.

Favourite Song: Heize ft Dean - And July
I've been getting into Korean hip hop this year and Heize and Dean are two of my favourites. And July is a chill song that always suits my mood, so I've been listening to it almost every day since it came out. Heize and Dean also collaborated on another amazing single this year called Shut Up and Groove. If they do another collaboration next year it just might make my 2017.

Favourite Music Video: Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off
I'd never heard of Jane Zhang before and I'm not sure how I ended up watching the video (probably just a recommended click on YouTube) but when I did, I was impressed. Jane Zhang is a Chinese singer and this is her first US single. The video moves through various famous paintings which is so fun to watch. The song is also pretty catchy!

Favourite Show: Planet Earth II
If you follow me on Twitter this will be no surprise. The film crew were incredible to get all those amazing shots and David Attenborough is a national treasure.

Favourite Movie: Zootopia/Zootropolis
I haven't actually given this one that much thought (I enjoyed quite a few other movies just as much) but I feel like it's one of the most important movies to come out this year. The whole movie is a not-so-subtle reflection of racism and stereotyping, definitely not just another silly talking animal movie. The world needs to sit down together and watch it.

Favourite Game: Pokemon Moon
Pokemon celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and it's sure been one big party. There was huge hype around Pokemon Go, but my game of the year has to be Sun/Moon. I've been a fan of the Pokemon games since I played Pokemon Red when I was a kid. They've made some changes to the usual game format this time around so it's been a refreshing experience mixed in with the nostalgia.

Favourite Book: Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff
This was a hard one. I still haven't finished Murakami's 1Q84 so I had to disqualify it from this year's favourites, so I was going back and forth between Bad Monkeys and Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. Both books are incredible and quite different which made it hard to choose between them, but I had to pick Bad Monkeys because it's just the sort of book I've been looking for. It's one of those where you read it and think 'wtf is going on?' half the time - my favourite genre. It's an action packed thriller about a woman called Jane Charlotte who works for a secret organization. She's in the Bad Monkeys division where her job is to find and kill evil people.

Favourite Outfit Post: Slip
I'm so glad I caved and bought this Topshop slip dress since these things are so comfortable and easy to wear. Slip dresses might have been a huge 90s trend but for this post I brought it up to date a little. This outfit post is one of my favourites because I wore the dress to my graduation a few weeks before it, which is probably my biggest achievement of the year!

Favourite Skincare Product: Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
Usually around this time of winter my face is dryer than my dad's sense of humour but this cream has saved it. I only wear it at night since it's very oily (as my pillowcases now know well) but I wake up with any looming spots of dry skin having disappeared. It's quite pricey but it's been well worth it this winter.

Favourite Make Up Product: Innisfree Powerproof Liner
It might not be my favourite ever liner but it's definitely the best I've tried this year. I reviewed it back in September and keep meaning to repurchase it. It's so easy to apply, long-lasting, and it's not too expensive.

I think that's a wrap. What were some of your favourite things about 2016? Or would you rather just forget it all happened? Either way, happy new year to all of you and here's to 2017!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

I've run campaigns against the light

Jacket - Therapy (old) / Top - Emoda (old) / Skirt - M&S
Photos by Faaizah
Lyrics in title from I Made a Promise to the Moon by Jason Webley

So we're at my last outfit post of 2016! I dressed up festively for the occasion and everything. Black counts as festive around here. I wore this to dinner at Dishoom with some friends I went to uni with (feels weird typing that in past tense). I paired my black velvet skirt with my gorgeous Emoda top. I love the small ruffles on the high neckline - a feminine touch without going overboard. Not that I have a problem with going overboard - it is the party season after all. I like a casual contrast to a fancy outfit, so I threw on a denim jacket. Thankfully the weather wasn't too cold that day so I didn't freeze during the shoot.

King's Cross has been my favourite place to hang out recently, mostly for its places to eat. It's also a great place to shoot outfit photos. These were taken opposite Google's London HQ. Google if you're reading this, I'm the crazy lady that was loitering outside your offices the other day. Hire me. I also have to give props to Faaizah for meeting me before dinner to take these photos for me. She had to deal with bad light conditions and a light drizzle, and on top of that she has to put up with me on a regular basis. So a big thank you to you Faaizah, and a thank you to all my friends who've made this year bearable. And a big thank you to you reading my blog! May 2017 treat you right.

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